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Mycotoxin Test Kits

Mycotoxins are toxic metabolism products produced by some molds. They can reproduce on many foodstuffs, as well as on grain products used as animal feed. Although the most important toxin among mycotoxins is Aflatoxin, it is obvious that it should be followed when considering the organs and systems targeted by its toxic effects in Ochratoxin, Fumonisin, Deoxynvalenone (DON, Vamitoxin), T2 / HT2 and Zearelenon.

There are all mycotoxin test kits in our portfolio.

Allergen Test Kits

Food allergy is caused by the fact that our immune system perceives the proteins in foods as threats and gives an abnormal response to these foods. Clinically, symptoms can be mild (urticaria, etc.), as well as lead to life-threatening severe reactions (anaphylaxis).Depending on the characteristics of the immune response, symptoms can be seen in many organs (skin, digestive system, etc.).

Food allergy develops against many foods.

QuEChERS Kitleri

The QuEChERS method has become indispensable in laboratories dealing with the analysis of pesticides and other organic contaminants in food and feed today. In addition to original practice, in addition to sample preparation for determining pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, the method has now become established for multiple residue analysis of a number of other matrix and other analyte classes. BEKOlut® offers you unrivaled, inexpensive standard extraction kits and highest quality sorbents; this makes your daily work easier and saves time.

You can view our extraction and dSPE kits.

Meat Speciation Test Kits

The determination of meat type contamination among the products of meat production facilities, which are among the important building blocks of the food industry, is among the most important criteria for these enterprises. Test kits, which can both control the products they produce and control raw materials in raw meat purchases, are products that provide added value in maintaining food and brand reliability.

Our rapid test kits will be your most reliable assistant for both raw and heat treated products.

Histamine Test Kits

Histamine poisoning is a food-borne intoxication caused by consuming high levels of histamine-containing foods. Histamine is a biogenic amine that occurs as a result of decarboxylation of free histidine in foods by microbial enzymes. Histamine causes many food poisoning. Histamine is found in a variety of foods and beverages. These foods include fish and fish products, meat products, eggs, cheese varieties, fermented vegetables and soybean products, beer and wine.

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