Nortec Co.

NORTEC; It offers useful and high value added products to its business partners for general laboratory needs and requirements, especially quality control test products and systems in the Food, Pharmacy, Cosmetics and Chemistry sectors. As a result of the principles of trust and respect, which form the basis of the thought and vision of NORTEC, it has always looked at the organizations and businesses in which it operates, as a business partner. For this reason, we always fulfill the sensitivity required to maintain the highest level of mutual satisfaction whenever communication is continuous, and we regard it as our mission.

All we deliver our products and services throughout Turkey with Food, Pharmaceutical, all in need of support in the cosmetics and chemical industries engaged in the production and quality control companies, R & D centers, universities, etc. We become a solution partner to all our customers with current technologies.

We invite you to meet NORTEC and contribute to you with our solutions for your fields of activity..